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How to write a perfect business letter?

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In the last few years, messengers have captured the consciousness of all the people of the world. To transmit any information to another person, it is enough to open Facebook or Twitter, write the desired message, and spend just a couple of minutes on this process.

But what if you need to communicate more formal information? 

For this, there is always e-mail. Here you can specify contacts for feedback and all the details, and then in one click, send the written letter to the addressee. It would seem that it could be easier and more convenient!

Unfortunately, e-mail and messengers won’t be a savior in every situation. Imagine that you need to write a crucial letter to a person or company with whom you do not communicate directly. A lot depends on how you write this letter. No matter whom you are writing to, you need to write a business letter by all the rules and standards.

If you don’t know how to write such a letter, you will get the answers to the important questions right now. We will look at an example of a business letter and learn what business letters exist.

The rules of a good business letter

There are certain rules for a business letter that every writer must follow:

  1. Make sure you include the company you are writing to and the addressee in the heading of your letter. Do not also forget to indicate the date of writing of the letter.
  2. The greeting should be formal and start with the word “Dear. It would be best to give particular attention to the letter’s introduction because it should be interesting to read it to the end, and it is desirable to capture the reader’s attention with a friendly and convincing introduction right away. If the introduction becomes boring and not attractive to the reader, the likelihood that the accepter will read the letter to the end will be minimal.
  3. The upper text should contain the main point of your letter. It would be best if you didn’t torture your reader with a long introduction, placing the main topic and idea of the letter only at the end.
  4. At the end of the letter must be some call to action because you wrote the letter with a specific purpose, not just to share some information, right. The reader should clearly understand what you wanted to say with this letter, and what suggestion you have for him.
  5. End the letter with the phrase “Sincerely yours” or “Regards.” This business letter is official, and you should show absolute respect to the reader. There should be no flippant treatment.
  6. The signature is a must. Many people make the mistake of leaving a letter unsigned. Do not do so.
  7. Be sure to include contacts for messaging you back. Your reader may have questions about the content of your letter after reading it or may want to clarify something. Even if there are no questions, however, it’s still important to include your contact information.

A few important recommendations

Today you can find many examples of business letters on the Internet, but don’t rush to see the first one and write your business letter according to this example, because there can be mistakes there too.

Right now, I’m going to share with you some interesting recommendations that will help you compose a really attractive business letter:

  1. Don’t go by a template. You know how many business letters start with the phrase “Dear… Today I am writing to you about such an occasion…”. If your recipient receives quite a few business letters, such a phrase might not make them feel very good about themselves. How about instead telling some story that will get your reader’s attention. You need to know what kind of person the reader is and what matters to him. Perhaps they will be interested to know how you achieved success by showing your best qualities. Such stories often endear you to the reader, and he or she will read the letter to the end.
  2. Avoid inappropriate jokes and anecdotes. When you write a business letter, you must remember that the reader is worth its weight in gold every second. So after a compelling introduction, it’s essential to get right to the point by stating the main fact.
  3. It would be best if you did not hint to the addressee about anything. These hints remain misunderstood and are perceived only as a desire to take away his precious time. And what does the reader do with the letter if they think reading it only takes up his time? That’s right, it goes in the trash. So be clear about precisely what you want, and don’t take up the reader’s time.
  4. Focus on the benefits the reader will receive. Most people won’t do anything if they don’t see any use to themselves. It is pretty obvious. Therefore, be sure to specify in your business letter what taking this or that decision will benefit your reader. For example, if you invite someone to speak at a conference, indicate that it will positively impact their publicity and reputation. Never focus your reader’s attention on your benefits, because he doesn’t care that much about them. He should clearly understand what he gets in return for his time. 
  5. A strong and persuasive call to action is the foundation of success. Even if you’ve already asked your reader for something in previous parts of the letter, end the letter with a call to action. Your reader should have a clear understanding of what he or she should do next.

Follow all of the above rules, and you can write a genuinely persuasive business letter that resonates with your reader and increases your chances of success.

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Last modified: June 8, 2021