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When promoting your business, it is essential to consider all the points that impact the result in one way or another. Speaking of keywords, they have a decisive importance in the promotion of your company and its products. If you create content for the site, but choose the wrong keywords, no one will come to your site. In advertising, the value of keywords is even the most important because their wrong choice will lead to many thousands of dollars being spent in vain.

This is why keyword research is an important task for any business, and you will need the best free keyword research tool to solve it. 

But before you and I start looking at the best keyword research software, let’s note that Google’s universal AdWords tool no longer exists. This tool has been combined with Keyword Planner, where words are selected using the old and not always effective methodology.

However, the tool from Google is not the best keyword research tool for seo in the opinion of many representatives of business. Even if some tool seems indispensable, in fact, you can always pick up a vast number of worthy alternatives. That’s what we’ll do in this article.

WordStream’s Keyword Tool


When considering the best keyword search software, it’s simply impossible to ignore this service. Thanks to it, you will search for keywords by specific groups and categories, targeting certain types of potential users. You will also be able to group keywords very easily.

To see how effective this service is, you will have 30 free searches. Continued use of this service entails a subscription to WordStream Advisor. Today, though, in addition to the 30 free searches, you can also get 7 days of free use of this service.



Soovle will show you the most popular keywords entered into various search engines. It is also elementary to use. You can give the service your keyword ideas, and it will generate your own, which is like a real brainstorming process. This service is great for beginners, and it has very impressive functionality. And, of course, it assumes the possibility of using it for free.



In fact, Ubersuggest is unique because all you have to do is to type in one keyword, and then you will get an endless amount of other keywords from the service, and they will already be lined up in alphabetical order for your convenience. Use this service for free and you will understand how good it is.



With Serpstat, for only $19, you get not just a keyword research tool, but a full-fledged SEO platform with a huge range of features. Even options allow you to quickly optimize your site and win in the competition for visitors. Just look at the possibility that allows you to analyze your competitors’ sites and look for important keywords that are missing there. Just think of the opportunities this will give you!

You can also view a site’s position history for specific pages to see which pages have fallen down in the rankings and for what reasons. Easily, quickly and easily view keyword searches in real time. Based on the keywords you find with this service, you can create content that will really draw traffic to your site.

A user who uses this service can check the position of each of the site’s pages, gradually making improvements to each and thus attracting even more traffic to the site. You will be able to set your own parameters and filter the queries, getting exactly the results that you need.

Google Keyword Planner


What would you do without Google Keyword Planner? Many people consider it to be almost the only noteworthy keyword tool, although you may have already seen that this is not the case. Still, I have no right to leave it out.

In order to use this tool successfully, you have to have an AdWords account. It will take me so much time, and it is done completely free of charge.

With this well-known service, you will be able to find out how many times users searched for a specific query during the last month, how high or low the competition is for specific words, how much it costs per click and much other information.

Also, with this service, you will get much more synonyms for the words you are interested in. 

Many of the services presented in this article provide free usage for a certain period, while others are permanent.

Remember that whatever the best free keyword research tools you choose, approach this choice responsibly, because an incredible amount depends on the quality of your keywords, namely your traffic, which in the future will be converted into profits. 

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Last modified: November 18, 2021