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11 Top IT Outsourcing Companies for 2022

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Companies find outsourcing services more helpful and convenient. It helps them save on resources and time, making operations more seamless and organized. Thankfully, numerous third-party companies offer various valuable services that are handy for companies, including Information Technology. The best part is that companies can outsource IT services across continents, making it more convenient for those willing to accrue offsite services.

Most tech companies outsource programming, customer services, and human resource functions from IT outsourcing companies. Admittedly, it helps alleviate the hassle, improving the outcome and fronting transitional changes that organizations and businesses need. This article, therefore, offers a list of outsourcing companies for IT services for your business or organization.

Viron IT

Viron IT is a globally renowned company located in London that helps businesses develop more customized software. It was established in 2004 and has worked with global tech giants, including Albany Investments in London and Trelleborg in Norway. This company has racked up tremendous renown from its cast array of industry-specific services, including game development and entertainment. However, it’s still sought after for helping with IT consultancy, business solutions, and profleasing.

The Viron IT team is seasoned in handling every IT issue, providing viable solutions, and has good experience working and completing more than six hundred projects. With an estimated revenue of up to 500 million, this IT company is a force to reckon with.


ScienceSoft has been around for a while and has consistently rendered services since its establishment in 1989. It offers a slew of IT services and solutions to companies looking to outsource and has served over 500 companies. This IT expert offers specific services, including IT consultancy, cloud development, mitigation, and customized software development. Moreover, it specializes in Advanced tech implementations, including IoT, big data, and blockchain.

A vast majority of over seven hundred of this IT expert’s employees are tech veterans and seniors having a wealth of knowledge and experience. Thanks to its SLAs, result-oriented KPIs, seamless communication, and many other helpful features, it’s one of the go-to top IT outsourcing companies for most clients looking to outsource IT services,.


Skelia should be among the other options in the list if you’ve thought of outsourcing IT services. This Luxembourg-based company primarily offers staff-augmented services but still helps with process outsourcing, enterprise extension, and App testing. Founded in 2008, Skelia has also yearned to help outsourcing companies with engineering and operations. This IT expert’s team has a rich portfolio, having worked with more established companies like Showpad, Agidens, and C-Quilibrium.

Its 500 employees demonstrate professionalism, confidence, and quality working with clients from e-commerce, travel, media, and the software business. It also extends its services internationally, reaching clients worldwide and making it one of the best outsourcing companies convenient for clients.

Innowise Group

Innowise Group is a go-to international IT solutions company for which businesses have found so much use. It has its headquarters in Florida and offers a 15-year service quality to a host of client companies currently. Primarily, this company deals with web, mobile, and desktop development with full-cycle development. However, it’s a jack of all trades for its plethora of services, including machine learning, IoT, and digital transformation, qualifying it as one of the top outsourcing companies globally.

For an IT company with over 1400 IT experts, including this option on our list of outsourcing companies worldwide is valid. The company has steadily become colossal over the year, racking over $70 million in revenues. You might want to consider this company for outsourcing your IT services and solutions, and pretty sure you won’t look back.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc

You only have to think big; this company will make everything possible. That’s a statement only Cyber infrastructure Inc can make and actualize if you need to outsource your IT services. This company came into the limelight in 2003 and has helped many companies looking to outsource. The company specializes in artificial intelligence but has a knack for helping outsourcing companies with services, including augmented and virtual reality, IoT, robotic process automation, and blockchain development.

Cyber Infrastructure Inc has over 1000 employees working as a team to help offer IT solutions to numerous countries worldwide. It’s become a pillar in the industry and much-needed help for most companies looking to outsource these services. The best part of this IT company is that it lets you control all applications simply, making it more user-centric to offer more personalized services.


EPAM is one of the most extensive and globally recognized IT outsourcing companies. It’s also a mainstay and a pillar in the industry, having existed since 1993. What’s awing is the level of depth in IT solutions and services this IT company offers, which makes it an all-around and versed company for most businesses and companies looking to outsource IT services. EPAM uses a simpler service delivery approach, ensuring inclusivity, personalization, and efficiency. Mostly, this company offers services in consulting and designing, cloud, digital platforms, enterprise applications, and data analytics.

This IT company has over 58,800 IT experts rendering services to a slew of global companies. That makes it one of the most established companies with a vast array of helpful services for companies looking to outsource IT services.


Accenture is, perhaps, the most extensive and established IT company globally. Moreover, it’s one of the mainstays in the industry, having been established in 1989. The company is based in Dublin, Ireland, and has worked with numerous companies worldwide, both onsite and offsite. This company specializes in digital commerce, application service, data and analytics, and business strategy. However, this company offers more services for which companies find so much use.

With over 699,000 employees, this company is ideally a vastly established outsourcing IT solution. The team works with clients and personalizes their services according to client needs, addressing all phases of the application and development lifecycle, from administration to support. Also, having worked with companies like Google, Adobe, Alibaba, and Dell, this company is one of the most trustworthy to offer quality IT services.


Fujitsu is perhaps the world’s oldest Japan-based IT company, established in 1935, and is sought-after for its state-of-the-art electronic products, including phones and computers. However, it extends its hand in helping companies access outsourced IT services and software solutions. This company is hands-on and mainly works with companies onsite, rendering services that include hybrid cloud, Hybrid IT services, managed infrastructure, and business and applications services. However, it still remotely helps businesses run seamless IT operations and has several global locations.

About 126,400 employees work in this company, and each demonstrates a higher proficiency level. It’s an ideal go-to company for outsourcing IT services and a viable long-term partner for all your company or business’s IT issues.

International Business Machines (IBM)

IBM is a trademark brand in the increasingly developing digital technology world. It’s also the oldest, having been established in 1911. This New York-based IT company has morphed into a global IT giant over the years, offering cloud, IT infrastructure, and business operations services in over 170 countries. It also renders data and analytics services using a relatively hands-on approach.

With over 400,000 employees, this company has all the workforce you need to efficiently outsource IT services. This company has more credibility because it’s worked with a few tech giants, including intel and India’s Tech Mahindra. That should be the extra reason to outsource your IT services from this company.


Established in 2002, N-iX has become a global IT force quickly, giving more established companies, including IBM and Accenture, a run for their money. Regardless, N-iX focuses less on competition but on service delivery, ensuring that they tailor them according to their customers’ needs. The company’s core services have remained consistent, including cloud-native services, software product development, and game and VR development. However, it’s a sought-after global force for expert solutions, including IoT, business intelligence, and machine learning.

Its human power isn’t as much as other companies, but its 1,700 employees get the work done efficiently. Most of its IT experts are engineers who offer more practical IT solutions and services to companies. Having partnered with well-known global-scale businesses and companies like Lebara and Book2Meet, this company can as well leave you turning your head over wheels.


We wouldn’t leave Deloitte out of our list of outsourcing companies, best known for professional service delivery. Companies like Fujitsu find this company a worthy rival for the lengthy period of service in the industries since its establishment in 1845. It’s based in London but offers services to numerous companies worldwide. This company’s essential services include audit and assurance, cyber risk advisory, and risk and financial advisor.

This company has one of the most extensive employee bases, making it one of the top outsourcing companies worldwide. It has over three million employees working in its numerous locations, making it one of the best outsourcing IT solutions companies.


With the ever-increasing demand for IT services, businesses find outsourcing services from established IT companies ideal. However, it helps to work with the best to offer you more efficient IT services than you could ever ask for. Hopefully, these top outsourcing companies will be handy.

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Last modified: December 13, 2022