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Guest posting is an affordable and effective technique for promoting your own website. Under guest posting we understand posting your articles on other Internet resources with similar topics. Such articles are called guest posts.

Guest posts are very powerful when it comes to the systematic development of your business. They are used to create them for the constant organic growth of the audience interested in your product.

Guest articles, as a way to promote sites, are suitable for beginners and experienced market players. Using them, you can be found not only by potential clients, but also by promising partners. 

If you want to publish your guest article – write us at heremarketingnews@gmail.com

Requirements for submitting guest articles

  • Posts must contain at least 700 words;
  • All submitted materials must be original and not published elsewhere in any form;
  • Your post should contain an interesting or catchy title and be SEO-friendly;
  • The article must contain valid images (where needed);
  • All posts must be quality oriented in order to add value to our readers;
  • Content can be based on research, fact, or experience;
  • The content should cover the topic in detail, as we do not accept incomplete information;
  • The content must correspond to the topic of our website;
  • When citing others, you must indicate the source;
  • We do not accept messages containing affiliate links. 

Benefits of guest posting

  1. The author of such a post receives additional traffic to their resource;
  2. To become recognizable and possibly popular without having your own blog or website, that is, links in the article will lead to social accounts;
  3. Receive incoming indexed links to your blog and thereby increase the weight of your resource, which will accordingly have a positive effect on its ranking. 

Where to publish guest posts?

Find sites whose content is close to the direction of your business. Always target resources with a slightly larger reach than yours. To build a positive reputation, brand awareness and drive traffic, partners with a large active audience are suitable. 

  • Business + “guest blog”/”guest post”
  • Business + “write for us”
  • Business + “submit an article”/”submit a guest post”
  • Business + “contribute guest post”
  • Business + “contribute to our blog”
  • Business + “become a guest blogger”
  • Business + “guest blogging guidelines”
  • Business + “contributor guidelines”
  • Business + “send a tip”
  • Business + “guest post by”
  • Business + “guest author”

If you want to publish your guest article – write us at heremarketingnews@gmail.com 

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Last modified: May 31, 2021

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